TSWA Council

Tertiary Sports W.A. is governed by a Council consisting of sport and recreation representatives from the five universities in W.A. including Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, The University of Notre Dame Australia and The University of Western Australia.  The Council meets on a monthly basis and will hold a Planning Day in June 2009.  University Sport Officers are invited to attend discussion groups on various topics of interest held in conjunction with the TSWA Council meetings.  For more information contact Tertiary Sports W.A.

Executive Officers - University Sport Associations/Departments

  • Curtin University - David Russell, Senior Manager, Curtin Sports
  • Edith Cowan University - David Ernst, Manager, ECU Sports
  • Murdoch University - Adrian Fisher, Manager of Sport & Recreation
  • The University of Notre Dame Australia - David McLean, Deputy Director, Admissions and Student Services
  • The University of Western Australia, Bruce Meakins, Executive Director, UWA Sport & Recreation Association

TSWA Office Bearers

  • President  - Adrian Fisher, Manager of Sport & Recreation, Murdoch University
  • Vice President - Philippa Baker, Sports Coordinator, Curtin Sports
  • Secretary - Vivien Massie, Recreation Officer, ECU Sports
  • Treasurer - Natasha Tench, Sports Officer, Student Services, The University of Notre Dame Australia

TSWA Council Members

In addition to above mentioned Executive Officers and Office Bearers.  

  • Michael Snart, Sport & Recreation Officer, UWA Sport & Recreation Association
  • Sue Gliddon, Sports Park & Clubs Manager, UWA Sport & Recreation Association
  • Daniel Tibbitt, Sport and Recreation Manager, Curtin Sports
  • Kelly Daniels, Student Services Officer, University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Adam Nener, Sports Officer, Sport & Recreation Centre, Murdoch
  • Erin Sutton, Sports Officer, Sport & Recreation Centre, Murdoch
  • Dale Cooper, Senior Sport & Recreation Officer, ECU Sports

Council Meeting Dates for 2014

  • January - no meeting
  • February 5th - The University of W.A.
  • March 5th - Curtin Universty 
  • April 2nd (Including AGM) - The University of W.A. 
  • May 7th - The University of Notre Dame 
  • July 2nd - Edith Cowan University, Joondalup  
  • August 6th - Murdoch University 
  • September 3rd - The University of Notre Dame 
  • October 15th - Curtin University

TSWA Planning Days 2014

  • June 5th - The University of W.A.
  • November 13th - The University of W.A.